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Force using a local account during Windows 11 install

Here's how to easily bypass having to log in to a Microsoft Account while installing Windows 11 and use a local account instead, like we used to be able to do. This method works as of september 2023.

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For various reasons, we sometimes need to set up Windows with a local account. Microsoft really wants to push having to log in to an online account and keeps patching out known methods. Here's a method which still works as of september 2023.


Installing Windows 11 with a local account

When you reach the step where it prompts you to log in to (or create) an online account, here's what you need to do. I will use TechKeep as the username; replace it with yours.

  1. Press SHIFT+F10. This will open a command prompt.
  2. Type the following:
  3. net.exe user "TechKeep" /add
  4. Press ENTER, and type the following (note that the group is language-sensitive. For example, in French, it's "Administrateurs"):
  5. net.exe localgroup "Administrators" "TechKeep" /add
  6. Press ENTER again, then type this:
  7. cd OOBE
  8. Press ENTER once more, then finish up by typing the following:
  9. msoobe.exe && shutdown.exe -r
  10. Press ENTER one last time.
  11. The system will now reboot. Once restarted, you will get a dialog prompt stating that the entered password is invalid. Press "Ok".
  12. You may now select your newly-created local user on the bottom-left corner of the login page and log in as normal. Note that we didn't set a password in the previous steps, so simply log in with a blank password field.
  13. Using this workaround will leave the "defaultuser0" account active. Navigate to the User Accounts section of the Control Panel and delete it along with all its files.
  14. While in the User Accounts settings, feel free to set a password to your local account.


There we go. We now have created a local user account.

Last edited on September 19 2023